City of Visalia

The City of Visalia is recruiting for a Water Resources Analyst/Water Resources Manager (depending on qualifications). 

Monthly salary range: Analyst - $6,300-$7,920/Manager - $7,534-$9,471

The Position:  We are seeking a dynamic, committed individual that will help the City address one of its most pressing problems, maximizing our ground and surface water resources in a manner that will enable Visalia to grow and prosper in the future. This position will be responsible for oversight of programs, activities and functions relating to water resources management and conservation efforts that directly impact the City of Visalia. 
Current challenges facing this Division include:
  • ​Implementing the Groundwater Sustainability Plan and involvement in the Mid-Kaweah Groundwater Sustainability Act in a time while many of the policies and laws are still being developed and interpreted.  
  • State requirements for indoor and outdoor water use that will likely result in major paradigm shifts in the community.
  • Establishing tracking systems and data evaluation protocols for water usage, recharge, exchanges, developing water markets and other water related uses.
  • Ever-evolving legislation at both the State and Federal level that could impact water supplies in and around Visalia.
  • Understanding the complex California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) and how their rate structure processes can impact water investments and water rates in Visalia.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree with major work in geology, hydrology, engineering, environmental studies, business, public administration, or a related field and three years increasingly responsible administrative experience.  

The City and Department:  Visalia is a full service city that employs over 600 full-time employees and approximately 200 hourly employees, and has a total 2019/2020 budget of $213.6 million. The City’s financial health is positive and Visalia has enjoyed a strong financial history. Visalia has also been effective and efficient in its community planning, which has led to an active, vibrant and heavily visited downtown, a strong retail/commercial corridor and a thriving industrial area. 

The Water Resources Management Division was recently restructured from a more broad based resources approach to a focus primarily on water, given its importance to the success of the community and the region in the future.  This position will work on regional issues, plans and projects, but will also be directly involved in water conservation in our community, including the implementation of water education that can lead to enforcement measures with a focus on education. This position will be the City’s representative on a number of water related boards in which the City holds stock, and will oversee water contracts, as well as coordinating the City’s oversight of the CPUC rate review process with California Water Service.

For more information on the position, requirements and application materials visit www.visalia.city, under Jobs in the City. Application filing deadline is Monday, December 16, 2019.

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