Temecula Councilwoman Blasts LGBTQ Proclamation as “Harmful and Wrong”

Temecula City Councilwoman Jessica Alexander is in the headlines again for remarks she made about the city’s LGBTQ Pride Proclamation.

Alexander delivered her remarks condemning the LGBTQ proclamation by video because she was at home with the stomach flu. The video, which you can watch above at the 7:50 mark, was delivered before the city council recognized LGBTQ+ high school groups and presented them with the city’s proclamation.

“Conversations about an individual’s sexual orientation has no place on the dais,” Alexander said. “Lifestyle choices, sexual identities, sexual behaviors and how a person chooses to live their life if it does not bring harm to other residents should never be up for discussion…”

She continued:

“You are putting up a people group on a pedestal and proclaiming our support for their ideology and sexual preference that has no business in city governance. Humanity’s worth and value does not come from human relationships, how we identify, or who we have sexual relations with. Our value comes from the fact that we are the creation that was made in the image of God.”

Alexander said the proclamation goes against God’s “creative order,” calling it “harmful and wrong” and antithetical to her faith.

Alexander’s remarks have been called homophobic, particularly for referring to homosexuality as a “lifestyle choice.”

The councilwoman made headlines last year after comparing herself to Rosa Parks because she was told she needed to wear a mask at city meetings.