How a Group of Parents Stopped a Gun Store from Going Up Near Their Kids’ School

For 65 years, the Martin B. Retting gun store called Culver City, California home. The shop permanently shut its doors last month after the owners decided to retire.

Brittany Maldonado 01/04/2024 - 9:35 AM
Culver City Bans Homeless Encampments

City officials say actions in neighboring Los Angeles have forced them to act. 

Brittany M. 02/23/2023 - 5:12 AM
Culver City Abolishes Minimum Parking Requirements

Culver City leaders abolished all minimum parking requirements at their meeting on Monday, Oct 24.

Brittany M. 10/27/2022 - 10:36 AM
Blame Game: L.A.’s Homeless Crisis Pits Cities Against One Another
Tensions are running high.
Brittany M. 06/19/2019 - 9:14 PM