Fresno Councilmembers Wade Into FUSD Superintendent Search

Two Fresno city councilmembers are calling on the Fresno Unified School District to widen its search for a new superintendent.

Brittany Maldonado 03/21/2024 - 11:08 AM
Study Finds Fresno is State’s ‘Neediest’ City

High rates of homelessness, poverty, and food insecurity have landed Fresno, California in the top three of the most “needy” cities in America.

Brittany Maldonado 01/04/2024 - 9:55 AM
Court Sides With Fresno Council Members in County's Lawsuit

A Fresno County judge has sided with two Fresno city council members who were sued by the county for allegedly violating a 2020 campaign finance law limiting contributions to $30,000. 

Brittany Maldonado 10/05/2023 - 11:36 AM
Central Valley Authorities Find Illegal Lab Teeming With Mice and Deadly Contagions

County health staff “observed blood, tissue and other bodily fluid samples and serums; and thousands of vials of unlabeled fluids and suspected biological material,” according to court documents.

Brittany M. 08/03/2023 - 10:36 AM
City of Fresno Will Intervene in County's Lawsuit Against Council Members

Fresno County has sued two Fresno city council members for allegedly violating a 2020 campaign finance law prohibiting contributions over $30,000.

Brittany M. 07/24/2023 - 4:52 PM
EPA Moves to Regulate ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water

The new rules would require public water utilities to test for the existence of these chemicals and ensure they’re kept at minimal levels. 

Brittany M. 03/27/2023 - 5:44 PM
Fresno District Attorney Dismisses Criminal Charges Against Council President

Was it all a misunderstanding?

Brittany M. 12/13/2022 - 10:32 AM
Fresno Principal Charged After Pushing Special Needs Student to the Ground

Scrutiny has turned to the Fresno Police Department's actions after the incident.

Brittany M. 09/13/2022 - 9:13 AM
Fresno City Council President Charged With Attempted Extortion

The Fresno County District Attorney’s Office has charged City Council President Nelson Esparza with one felony count of attempted extortion and one count of violating the Fresno City Charter.

Brittany M. 07/19/2022 - 5:30 AM