Feds Warn of Cyberattacks Against Water Systems

The federal government warned this week that the nation’s water sy

Brittany Maldonado 03/21/2024 - 11:16 AM
Op-Ed: Recent Storms Underscore the Need to Invest in Stormwater Infrastructure
stormwater infrastructure


By Michael Drennan

Brittany Maldonado 02/21/2024 - 1:34 PM
E. Coli-Contaminated Water Brings Tourist Town to a Screeching Halt

After the bacteria was discovered in the water, all of the town’s restaurants had to be shut down and residents were given boil notices.

Brittany M. 08/01/2023 - 7:00 AM
The Sixth Street Bridge is an Embarrassment for Los Angeles
This is why we can't have nice things.
Brittany M. 08/02/2022 - 4:27 AM
What the infrastructure bill means for local governments and schools
California will receive about $45.5 billion from the package, the largest share of any state.
Brittany M. 11/09/2021 - 8:16 AM
Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Would Be a Boon for California
“This is a game changer,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said during a news conference. “We are very, very enthusiastic.”
Brittany M. 04/08/2021 - 7:08 AM
Fed Up With Rising Traffic Deaths, Protesters Hold “Die-In” at L.A. City Hall

Safe streets protesters held a “die-in” on the steps of City Hall Tuesday to condemn a lack of progress on traffic death reduction in Los Angeles.

Brittany M. 12/05/2019 - 4:32 AM