Richmond Faces Blowback for Anti-Israel Resolution

Some Jewish residents of Richmond, California say they feel appalled and unsafe after the City Council passed a resolution cond

Brittany Maldonado 10/31/2023 - 3:33 AM
Richmond City Council Race Decided by Draw

The race for Richmond City Council District 2 was decided Tuesday after the city clerk pulled a green envelope of a red paper bag.

Brittany M. 12/08/2022 - 9:55 AM
They investigated him for ethics complaints. Now Richmond’s mayor wants the city manager and city attorney fired.
Richmond Mayor Tom Butt has moved to place an item on the City Council’s June 29 agenda to have City Manager Laura Snideman and City Attorney Teresa Stricker fired.
Brittany M. 06/29/2021 - 6:55 AM
Over a Dozen California Labs Will Begin Testing for Coronavirus
One of them is in Richmond. 
Brittany M. 02/11/2020 - 7:02 AM
California City News Sees Record Number of City Manager Openings

There are 10 open positions for city manager and another two for a deputy and assistant city manager on our jobs board — an all-time record at California City News.

Brittany M. 10/31/2019 - 7:09 AM
Richmond City Council Passes Vaping Restrictions. Contra Costa Supes Could Be Next.

The Richmond City Council voted last week to restrict the sale of e-cigarettes that have not been approved by the FDA.

Brittany M. 09/17/2019 - 5:32 AM
Richmond Selects Interim City Manager
Former Lafayette City Manager Steven Falk has been sworn in as interim city manager of Richmond following the termination of its top administrator Carlos Martinez.
Brittany M. 08/15/2019 - 4:42 AM
Richmond Ousts City Manager

Richmond City Manager Carlos Martinez has been let go after less than a year, the East Bay Times reports.

Brittany M. 07/24/2019 - 8:47 PM
Oakland’s Payroll Numbers Are Stunning
“In Oakland, the city payroll has exploded 43 percent in the last four years — up from $492 million in 2014 to an all-time high of $622 million in 2018, according to new data from the watchdog website, Transparent California.”
Brittany M. 06/12/2019 - 8:31 PM