A Temecula councilwoman is under fire after comparing the fight against face mask mandates to the struggle of civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

The comments came April 13 during a virtual meeting of the Temecula City Council.

"I think something we can all understand and agree with is that — look at Rosa Parks, she was accommodated to the back of the bus, but she finally took a stand and moved to the front, because she knew that that wasn’t lawful … It wasn’t true,” said Councilwoman Jessica Alexander. “So she took a stand. At what point in time do we? I'm getting to the point in time where I'm getting accommodated in my office. I’m getting pushed to the back of the bus. This is what I’m telling you I feel like. At what point in time do I come out and say enough is enough?”

We’ve seen a lot of harebrained comments by public officials over the years. This one takes the cake.

You can watch Councilwoman Alexander’s comments at the 2:55:09 mark in the video above.